Peterborough - 4/5/23
Wednesday, 3PM to 6PM
Community Center
25 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458

Wasp English Pale Ale
A new twist on an old classic featuring the subtle tropical yet spicy flavors of English Harlequin hops.
Campbell Dry Oat Stout
A sessionable quaff made with mild and silky oat malts to balance the tangy bite of roasted barley and traditional English hops.
Orion Hearty Lager
A crisp, slightly malty, rich golden refreshment, with hints of biscuit, honey, sweet fruit, rose, green tea, and lemon.
Viking Nordic Kveik
Rye adds a gentle spiciness to this delicious, slightly malty deep gold ale that's perfect for cool evenings.
Hornet Golden Ale
A refreshing treat combining American pilsner malt with piney and lemony New Zealand hops.
Challenger Special Bitter
Traditional robust and earthy hops complement a rich malt base in this classic English ale.

Hard Cider
Great Mischief ("Jersey") Cider
Dry and wine-like, the tannins in the English Jersey apples provide body while the American Golden Russet lends a subtle nutty note to the blend.

Boiled Cider
Boiled Cider is a traditional New England specialty. Both tart and sweet, it's made by slowly evaporating fresh cider. Enjoy it on ice cream, pancakes or waffles, as a glaze for roast meats, or in baking as a tangy sweetener.
Black Garlic
Powder(pkt.) $10
Whole Bulbs(ea.) $4
Heritage Ale Soap
A refreshing soap handcrafted from our Houndstooth Heritage Ale, New Hampshire native hops, and Jersey cows' milk.
Beer and Brat Soap
Apple Soaps
Cider Lotion Bar
Red Apple Lip Balm

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