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 Knockeen Hills "Special Reserve" Irish Poteen 
Knockeen Hills Irish Poteen
750 mL bottle
55.0% ABV

oteen has been produced in Ireland for many centuries, using either a grain or potato base with added fruit whenever it was available. It is frequently referred to as Irish Moonshine Whiskey or 'Water of Life'.
In the time of Oliver Cromwell when legal whiskey (also referred to as Parliament Whiskey for the taxes on it went to the British Parliament) was fostered on the population, Poteen was illegally made throughout Ireland, then buried to prevent seizure by the Crown Authorities, and in more recent years by the Gardai (Irish Police).
Until 1997, it was illegal to sell Poteen in Ireland, so before then all Knockeen Hills Poteen was exported; though subsequently, it became the first Poteen to become legal on its native soil. In 2000, Knockeen Hills was first entered in the International Wine and Spirit Competition, and since has won eleven medals, including Ireland's only spirit GOLD MEDAL in 2003, and four SILVER MEDALS (Best in Class), most recently in 2006. No other Irish Poteen has ever come close in competition.
The nose is fresh with a hint of fruit, and being quadruple-distilled to 110° US Proof, this spirit has a strong smooth delicate flavor, without any afterburn. It is ideal either neat, on the rocks, with mixers, or as a contemporary cocktail base. Some marvelous cocktail recipes can be found at
Pup's Cider is the exclusive North American importer of Knockeen Hills Poteen.  If you are a consumer interested in this product, please contact us for outlets in your area.
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