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 Pup's Great Mischief Hard Cider 
Great Mischief
22oz bottle
7.6% ABV

reat Mischief is a dry, gently sparkling cider made from an ever changing mix of fine locally grown, New Hampshire apples. It's refreshing, with just a touch of tingle added through bottle conditioning.
We call it Great Mischief because each blend is unique, yet always very drinkable. The blending doesn't follow a specific formula, but rather depends on which varietal ciders are ready, and their contribution makes sense, when we blend it. It's sort of our Catch of the Day special, with decades of apple knowledge and many years of cidermaking experience applied.
Check the label of your particular bottle, and just above the bar code you'll find the Blend #.

Blends 15-5 and 15-6 consist of:
  • 3 parts each of Cortland, Porter's Perfection, assorted Russets, and Cox Orange Pippin,
  • 2 parts each of Black Gilliflower and Tolman Sweet, and
  • 1 part each of Blue Pearmain, Ashmeads Kernel, assorted English and French bittersweets and bittersharps, and a mix of New England heirlooms.

Blend 15-4 consists of:
  • 3 parts of assorted English and French bittersweets and bittersharps and a mix of New England heirlooms,
  • 2 parts of Baldwin, and
  • 1 part each of Ashmeads Kernel and Winesap.

Blend 15-3 consists of:
  • 3 parts of Fillbarrel, and
  • 1 part each of Porter's Perfection, Blue Pearmain, Ashmeads Kernel, Cox Orange Pippin, Calville Blanc, Sweet Coppin, Michelin, and Roxbury Russet.

Do note that the Blend # includes the year it was blended and bottled. It's there for a reason: Great Mischief ages magnificently. Of course you can enjoy it young, but it gets even better put down in a cool spot for a few years. We've tried it after two, four, and five years and it just keeps getting more intriguing.
The freshly pressed juice is always cold fermented, then blended and bottled. It's neither pasteurized nor filtered, and it is bottle conditioned, so expect a light sediment at the bottom of the bottle (for a clear drink, pour slowly). We don't add any preservatives. However, we do use sulfites to sterilize our press and tanks, and small amounts are likely to show up in the final product. The alcohol content is 7.6%.
Great Mischief is produced by Pup's Cider, at our cidery in Greenfield, New Hampshire. It's packaged in 22 ounce amber bottles packed 12 per case, and is currently available for sale exclusively in New Hampshire through Bellavance Beverage, New Hampshire Distributors, Clarke Distributors, and White Mountain Distributors.
To find a retailer near you, please drop us a note. 
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